History of Kappa and Importations ThibaultKappa History: Founded in the late 80's, Kappa products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Kappa represents the best value for the best price when it comes to accessories for motorcycles and scooters. Kappa now offers a wide selection of products ranging from mounting systems for 1, 2 or 3 suitcases, windshields, accessories for scooter and motorcycle cruisers and a full range of soft luggage. Unquestionably “Kappa In Any Case” Importations Thibault History: As the only Kappa distributor for Canada, Importations Thibault has been in the business of distribution for almost 40 years. In 1971, Mr. Jean Thibault (President / Founder), while employed by Thibault Marine, a local dealer, decided to start importing parts and fittings for the purposes of his business and those in the region. It was then, in November 1981 that Importations Thibault was officially launched. Mr. Thibault would go on to purchase a warehouse of 25 000 ft² in downtown Sherbrooke (Quebec). As the operation gained momentum, Mr. Thibault quickly brought in some prestigious lines that are still available today. One need only think of Dunlop, Bridgestone, Givi, Spectro, Yuasa, DID, EK, NGK, and Wiseco; brands which are still offered today. And now, to that, we add Kappa. The company's growth would increase not only with the arrival of his wife Michele in the early 90s, but also with his children Julie and Jean-François. With their arrival, Mr. Thibault would acquire in 1994 a warehouse on Sauvé Street in Sherbrooke’s Industrial Park, our current location. The expansions would follow one after another. At 45 000 ft² in 1994, it increased to 55 000 ft² in 1995, to 80 000 ft² in 1997 and now stands at an impressive 100 000 ft². Dedicated exclusively to the world of motorcycles, this makes Importations Thibault Ltd. one of the largest distributors of parts and accessories for recreational vehicles in the country. Mr. Thibault is a tireless worker and is still head of Importations Thibault Ltd., assisted by his family. If Importations Thibault is distinguished by the breadth of its facilities and products offered, it is also distinguished by its personalized approach. Despite its large size, customer service continues to be of major importance. Importations Thibault treats their customers with respect and courtesy, regardless of the size of the client. This service has been the hallmark of Importations Thibault from the very beginning. Importations Thibault also owes its success to its dynamic and dedicated team of employees. In the end, a love and passion for motorcycling is what unites us all.